Big Basin Briefing #1: September 2021

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As the Reimagining Big Basin project gets underway, California State Parks is initiating a monthly update. These posts aim to ensure that everyone who cares about Big Basin is aware of our progress in making the park safe for visitors and habitable for wildlife. The series will also highlight recent educational resources including footage from within the closed park and provide information about the planning process as well as opportunities for engagement. Along with you, our stakeholders, and collaborating organizations, we look forward to reshaping Big Basin into a resilient model for Redwood Parks far into the future.


Making Big Basin Safe for People and Wildlife

  • Continued Fire Danger: Park Staff are continuing to locate, extinguish, and monitor smoldering hotspots that have rekindled in hollowed out old growth redwood tops.
  • Debris Removal: CalOES, CalRecycle and contractors will be finishing their hazard tree and debris mitigation by October 1, 2021. All burn debris and associated toxic soils have been removed from facility areas. Hazard trees left standing due to nesting birds will be mitigated by State Parks in the coming months.
  • Road Closure and Repairs: California State Parks are maintaining the road closure on Highway 236 through Big Basin for the public’s safety. Park staff are working with contractors to repair damaged roadways incurred during debris and tree removal.

Learn about Big Basin’s Recovery

Stakeholder Engagement

  • One day after the anniversary of the CZU Complex fire, Governor Gavin Newsom, US EPA Administrator Michael Regan, CalEPA Administrator Jared Blumenfeld and FEMA Region 9 Administrator Robert J. Fenton Jr. visited Big Basin to review the recovery work within the park and discuss the effects of climate on wildfire impacts.