Big Basin Briefing #3: November 2021

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Making Big Basin Safe for People and Wildlife

  • The septic system and gas lines in Saddle Mountain are undergoing improvements and repairs.
  • The Big Basin volunteer trail crew and park staff have begun clearing debris and identifying tree hazards on the Redwood Loop Trail adjacent to the former Campfire Center area.
  • A tree hazard removal contract is nearing final stages to go out to bid. This contract will address hazard trees marked during the Phase II clean up that could not be removed due to bird breeding areas.  Extensive hazard tree mitigation around Sempervirens Reservoir (the main park water source) will be included in this contract.
  • Campsite furniture and damaged signage not removed during Phase II clean-up is starting to be removed.
  • A contract to replace approximately 20 damaged culverts is ready to start work.

Learn about Big Basin’s Recovery

  • November 16th was the first webinar for the public about the Big Basin Reimaging project, speakers included Santa Cruz District Superintendent Chris Spohrer, Santa Cruz Cultural Resources Program Supervisor Mark Hylkema and Traci Bliss, professor emerita and author of Big Basin Redwood Forest: California’s Oldest Park. The link to the recorded webinar can be found here.
  • A recent article in Lookout Santa Cruz written by Julia Busiek from the Sempervirens Fund considers how long it will take the Redwoods in Big Basin to recover and what that process will look like. For a more detail see the full story on the Sempervirens Fund website.
  • Goodtimes Santa Cruz recently published an article titled: Big Basin Recovery Spurs a Rethinking of Forest Futures
  • Wildlife cameras have been installed in the park to monitor the returning animals. Cameras have observed deer, foxes, mice, and squirrels as well spotted and striped skunks. The spotted skunk has not been documented before and highlights the regrowth that is occurring in the park.

 Stakeholder Engagement

  • A full-time planner has been hired for Big Basin, please welcome Will Fourt as he enters his new role on November 29th!
  • A public survey has been launched, please let us know what you want to see in Big Basin as the park begins the process of rebuilding.
  • Pop-up tabling has started for the Reimagining Project! Please join us at the Santa Cruz MAH on December 3rd to learn more about Big Basin and the ongoing recovery effort.