Big Basin Briefing #4: December 2021

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Making Big Basin Safe for People and Wildlife

  • The Big Basin Volunteer Trail Crew and the State Parks Road and Trail Crew have started working around the Redwood Loop Trail.
  • Culvert repair is ongoing on Sky Meadow Road.
  • A tree hazard removal contract is in progress of going out to bid. This contract will address hazard trees marked during the Phase II clean up that could not be removed due to bird breeding areas. Extensive hazard tree mitigation around Sempervirens Reservoir (the main park water source) will be included in this contract.
  • Campsite furniture and damaged signage not removed during Phase II clean-up continues to be removed.
  • Two Alert Wildfire cameras have been installed on Eagle Rock, these fire cameras will provide useful information to firefighters and first responders, to view the live stream click here.
  • The State Parks Northern Service Center staff visited the sites at Saddle Mountain and Headquarters to begin assessment and preliminary plans for interim operations for public access to the park.
  • State Parks staff is working in collaboration with contractors on the utility repairs at Saddle Mountain in anticipation of providing an interim operations and maintenance facility for park operations.

Learn about Big Basin’s Recovery

  • Santa Cruz’s District Superintendent Chris Spohrer led a group tour focused on fire recovery at Big Basin with the Santa Cruz Mountain Stewardship Network.
  • The second webinar about Big Basin is being planned for mid-January and will focus on topics of resilient planning, design, and management in the context of Big Basin’s future. Details to come and information will be posted on the Reimagining Big Basin website.
  • New interpretive panels are being designed for Rancho Del Oso.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • If you would like to learn more about the Big Basin Trail Crew and join them on their work days, follow this link here.
  • The second pop-up event at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History was held December 3rd.
  • Interactive digital images of some of the park’s iconic areas are displayed through a partnership between California State Parks and CyArk, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the digital documentation of cultural heritage sites and architecture.  To view all these resources, visit the ‘Resilience of the Redwoods’ page presented by CyArk and Google Arts & Culture.
  • The online survey is open and over 200 survey responses have been completed so far.
  • The online memory mapping exercise is open and over 50 responses have been completed so far.