Big Basin Briefing #7: March 2022

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Making Big Basin Safe for People and Wildlife

  • Big Basin Volunteer Trail Crew is working on removing burned vegetation and hazard trees. This material is being put into burn piles and ignited by District Staff when weather conditions are within a safe parameters.
  • Community Tree Service has finished their work in the Redwood Loop Trail and around the Sempervirens Reservoir removing hazardous trees. Lewis Tree has completed hazardous tree pruning in the former park headquarters area.
  • Natural Resource staff are surveying roads, trails, and backcountry areas where historic noxious weed patches have occurred. Our District Natural Resource Crew, with funding from Sempervirens Fund, is contracting with Go Native to efficiently remove French broom and other invasive plants while prioritizing the upper ridges of the park where these species have already begun to flower.
  • Plumbing upgrades at Saddle Mountain have been completed! Getting Saddle Mountain up and running is crucial for interim park operations to proceed.
  • Staff has completed milling the down wood for reuse for interim park facilities and has completed preparing split rails for use in split rail fencing.

Learn about Big Basin’s Recovery

  • State Parks is working with Digital Global Systems to program six touch screen tablets with offline imbedded information for the staging area at headquarters and RDO Welcome Center. These devices will have species flora/fauna, Reimagining information, the story of the Big Basin Fire and much more
  • The State Parks team is working on 7 interpretive panels to be completed by this summer for installation in the park.
  • Parks staff is developing an interim access map panel for when interim public access becomes available that will be interchangeable every few months as trails and conditions change in the park.
  • The redwood violets (Viola sempervirens) are putting on quite a show with their yellow flowers along Highway 236.
  • Learn about the six different sections that make up a Redwood Tree with the Sempervirens Fund interactive Redwood Story. Also on the website, learn about their Top 10 Facts about magnificent redwoods.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • The consultant team is now working on putting together a draft “vision document” to be made public this summer
  • Staff held two more pop-up tabling events at a farmers market and New Years dance event.
  • As the interim opening is getting closer, docents will be needed! The interpretative team will be recruiting docent volunteers to host at Big Basin seven days per week starting in June. Details to come.